About The Flip Project and Flip Project Objectives 2013

kalaki colonial mine

Flipside is a project which received support from HIVOS in 2011-12 and benefitted from a funding extension for 2013. During this period the project aims to develop a magazine, a TV Show and a Newspaper with cartoons as the primary content, and to publish in both print and electronic format with use of internet alternative media. The Project aims to present general social issues in an accessible way that appeals to all sectors of society, and especially young adults. More specifically the project aims to address themes in current affairs in politics, economic issues, sports and entertainment. This also entails the objective of contributing to the growth of Zambian innovation, creativity and expression in art form, especially by workshops to orient writers and artists towards graphic storytelling and cartoon drawing, as well as by providing a studio for a workplace and for supervision of production.

Here the concept is that the Flipside Project is broader than the magazine entitled ‘Flip’. The original title Flipside was coined to indicate an intention to use the magazine to present alternative ‘flipside’ views and interpretations of current issues which challenge the orthodox or establishment views, and therefore to cultivate independence of view and expression.

Flip Project Overall Objectives

The overall project objectives are concerned with:
• Continuing with Flip Magazine production in print and on the web, with improvement of quality and frequency.
• Developing alternative Flipside media interventions.
• Providing training for improved design, writing, cartooning and other artwork.
• Introducing more effective and efficient internal administration of the Flipside project.

Project Components
This section looks at the components of the four main overall objectives identified above.
Component Objectives for continued Flip Magazine production:
i. Increasing the satirical component of magazine content.
ii. More content of regional relevance.
iii. Better liaison with boundary partners, especially those concerned with human rights and good governance.
iv. Increasing circulation and readership with Zambia and throughout the region by various means, such as formation of readers clubs and networks.
v. Working towards economic self-sufficiency for print version.
vi. Increasing distribution network for print version, and distribution to various social sites, e.g. buses, colleges, clinics.
vii. Improving website design and links to other websites.

Component Objectives for development of Flipside media interventions. Various alternative interventions will be devised and tried, such as:

i. Monthly four-page print issue of social and political cartoons.
ii. Regular publication of social and political cartoons on the web, and use of Facebook for network of readers.
iii. Using SMS to distribute Flipside messages.
iv. Produce short satirical skits for both radio and TV.

Component Objectives for providing training for improved design, writing, cartooning and other artwork, to include:

i. Workshop training for better magazine design and contribution, and for new types of media intervention.
ii. Occasional training visits by notable satirical writers or cartoonists from outside Zambia.

Component Objectives for more effective and efficient internal administration of the Flipside project. Past experience suggests the need for a person to act as a managing editor during key periods of production in order to

i. efficiently ensure timely implementation of Editorial Board decisions,
ii. co-ordinate and supervise the timely implementation of work-plans,
iii. Supervise production progress and contributors’ observance of production deadlines.

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